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The congenial pair just meshed perfectly, and together with news anchor Ann Curry and weatherman Al Roker they formed the Fab Four of morning TV—and they had the ratings to prove it. By May 1998, a year after Lauer replaced Bryant Gumbel as Couric's permanent co-anchor,cheap ugg slippers sale 5.26 million people a day were tuning in. They had not only added almost a million viewers since the same time in 1996, but they were more than 2 million ahead of second-place Good Morning America. NBC's flagship morning show was firing on all cylinders. To be sure, Lauer and Couric's triumphant nine years together unfolded in an era predominantly unplagued by social media. Twitter came into being just a few months before Couric departed to become anchor of CBS Evening News in 2006. So in an industry that would grow only more competitive and cutthroat as the years went by, that felt like a quiet time over at the Today show,discount real uggs at least to viewers who were largely blissfully out of the loop when it came to the egos and shrewd deal-making driving the action behind the scenes all over the morning show world.